Patrick Boyd

Primary Role at DC: High School - Physics, Technology, Graphics, Engineering
Additional Roles at DC: Debate, Tech Integations PK-12
Year started at Denver Christian: 2013

Education/Degrees Held: BS Industrial Technology CSU Fort Collins, Urban Teaching Certification CU Denver
Certifications/Credentials: Initial Colorado Teaching Certification

After 10 years as a professional engineer and college course instructor, Mr. Boyd has found renewed excitement for embedding professional industry practices into Denver Christian Schools computing, engineering and physics coursework, in order to better prepare students for the rigors of college, internships and careers in STEM related fields. Mr. Boyd also enjoys the artistic side of digital film and graphics communications. He believes that as Christians, we are called to use modern and engaging mediums and technical craft to create and convey Christ's love to those who do not know him. Both the arts and the sciences benefit immeasurably from the diligence and character of men and women of faith working in those fields.

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Preschool Schedule & Payment Plan

Half Day runs from 8:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Full Day PreK runs from 8:20 AM to 3:15 PM.

3-year olds, 2 mornings T/F: $2,270 ($227/month on 10 payment plan)

3-year olds, 2 mornings M/W: $2,270 ($227/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 3 mornings T/Th/F: $3,110 ($311/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 3 full days T/Th/F: $5,380 ($538/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 5 full days M-F: $9,350 ($935/month on 10 payment plan)


Education Fee*: $80 (Education fee for class activities and field trips)