At Denver Christian High School, learning is engaging, meaningful and relevant, and we strive to graduate the servant leaders of the future. We believe the purpose of a Denver Christian education is to make the world better for our presence. Our philosophy is to encourage thoughtful, wise, and God-centered decision-making and goal setting by helping students to understand their gifts, personalities, interests, and values.


The college corridor at Denver Christian High School shows students the collegiate possibilities for celebrating their academic success.

Studies show that class size matters when it comes to achieving optimal academic performance outcomes. Small class sizes allow for independent and collaborative work, as well as authentic learning experiences involving meaningful, real-world applications of knowledge.

At Denver Christian High School, our students benefit from a smaller school community allowing students to engage in the fullness of a high school experience through a rich, diverse selection of academic, co-curricular and leadership opportunities. Our high school students benefit from a balanced program with a commitment to athletics and the arts. Service learning occurs throughout the year and is a natural outgrowth of the mission of our school. It is this “small school = BIG experience” philosophy that transforms our students into the well-rounded graduates that are sought after by leading colleges and universities, and employers.


As a college preparatory school, DCS encourages each student to seek a college or university where he or she can be challenged to reach his or her potential and be successful both academically and personally. Students are provided with a challenging academic curriculum combined with spiritual guidance, enrichment activities, leadership development and service opportunities. Teachers strive to foster in each student the confidence to work independently and the communication skills needed to collaborate effectively.

2017-2018 Course Description Catalog

High School science lab is location for experiments and hands-on academic learning

Through our elective, core, Honors, and Dual Enrollment classes, students are provided with the skills and flexibility necessary to thrive in a changing world. We believe each course offers a foundation and framework for the personal growth needed to prepare students for the challenges of college and the world.

The DCHS science program is designed to prepare students to excel in STEM fields in college. The curriculum is both accessible and challenging, as students explore many aspects of science. The Social Studies curriculum is designed to help students understand their place in American and World History.

The DCHS Bible program is designed to strengthen biblical literacy and apply that knowledge to all aspects of life. Spiritual development is an important part of the high school years, and students are encouraged in their faith through open discussions, discipleship, and looking at course content from a Christian perspective.


· English – Poetry I & II; Fiction I & II · World Languages – Spanish IV · Science – Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Physics · Mathematics – Calculus, Advanced Statistics · History – US Government and Politics · Religion & Worldview – Apologetics, Senior Seminar · Fine Arts – Studio Art


 Due to the rigor of our honors program, some courses have been approved by Colorado Christian University as official college courses. Students who successfully complete these cou

rses receive college credit from CCU after graduation. This college credit can be transferred to any institution of higher education.

· Calculus · Spanish IV · Statistics · Poetry & Drama · Advanced Chemistry · Pre Calculus



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Preschool Schedule & Payment Plan

Half Day runs from 8:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Full Day PreK runs from 8:20 AM to 3:15 PM.

3-year olds, 2 mornings T/F: $2,270 ($227/month on 10 payment plan)

3-year olds, 2 mornings M/W: $2,270 ($227/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 3 mornings T/Th/F: $3,110 ($311/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 3 full days T/Th/F: $5,380 ($538/month on 10 payment plan)

4-year olds, 5 full days M-F: $9,350 ($935/month on 10 payment plan)


Education Fee*: $80 (Education fee for class activities and field trips)